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(posted 20/2/19)

South Devon steers entered by Chris and Leonie Daley and South Devon XMurray Grey  steers from the Garratt family  were entered in the Lardner Park Grass Fed Steer Trial held annually. Over the years South Devons have dominated this trial particularly for weight gain. The recent trial results which were released at a Presentation dinner this week have proved again that South Devons perform exceptionally well on grass based feed alone.

The 2018  Lardner Park Steer Trial competition.

The initial weights were taken on 1st August  after a one week settling in period and the final weight on 3rd December. The herd was run in one mob on predominately rye grass-based pastures with supplements fed as deemed necessary depending on pasture growth. Cattle had to meet the following specifications for standard domestic trade when they were turned off. Hot Standard Carcase weight 210- 285 kgs. Fat range (P8) 8-14mm. 2 penalty points per kg were imposed if cattle fell outside specifications for  carcase weight. This year to be in contention to win the “Highest weight gain pair” both animals in the pair had to fall in the carcase weight specifications. If one or both animals in the pair failed to meet the carcase weight specifications, the pair were not eligible for the award. No individual steer/carcase was disqualified from the “Domestic Weight Gain and Carcase” category or “Highest Carcase score as a pair” if the animals failed to meet specifications as this was already taken into account through the penalty system.

2018 average weight gain performance of all 64 steers  of varying breeds and crossbreeds entered was 1.40 kgLW/day.

The highest individual weight gain of 1.73kgLW/day was from a South Devon x Charolais x Murray Grey steer bred and entered by Brett and Gaylene Garratt & family, with the other animal of the pair growing at 1.41kgLW/day resulting in a pair average of 1.57. Unfortunately the steer growing at 1.73kgLW/day did not meet carcase specifications, with the resulting carcase being overweight – meaning the pair of steers were ineligible for “Highest Weight Gain Pair Award”. The Steers penalty was 16 points leaving them with a  grand total score (weight and carcase)  of 207.6 points for weight gain and carcase.

The purebred steers entered by Chris & Leonie Daley ( progeny of Winterwood cows and The Bend Harley) also performed too well in the weight gain with one steer of the pair also being over the weight range and receiving 14 penalty points leaving a grand total score of 207.2 points. The Bend steers this year were also deemed ineligible for the Highest Weight Gain Pair Award.

This year the winner of the “Combined Weight Gain  and Carcase Award”was “Killandayle” Angus x Angus/Shorthorn from NSW with a total score of 222.3 points. The “Highest Weight Gain Pair Award” went to Dockers Plains Pastoral with Angus steers with the pairs average daily gain of 1.56kg/day.

For your interest the live weights of the steers at first weighing  on 1/8 and the last on 3/12 were as follows:

Brejayanne- 1/8/18         –  319 and 332kgs            3/12/18                – 494 and 546     average weight gain 1.57 kgs per day

The Bend – 1/8/18           – 321 and 345kgs             3/12/18                –  524 and 538    average weight gain 1.60 kgs per day


The Annual Victorian Field Days, Farm World held at Lardner Park, Gippsland Victoria is to be held is 11th-14th April 2019.

South Devons will again be on display at Site A13. Do call in to say hello, have a cuppa or a chat and  get some information on South Devons.

The Garratt family from the Brejayanne South Devon stud at Allambee will have some South Devons on display over the 4 days.

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6th – 12th MAY 2018

 South Devons from Athlone, Jambili & Kildare represented the breed at the Beef Australia Expo.


Well done Callum McUtchen and Jambili Nala in the 12 and under Junior Handlers at Beef 2018 . There were about 80 entrants and Callum (who is 6) and Nala (who is 9 months old) paraded very well.

report from the world conference tour of South Africa
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