On Farm Sales

On this page any full member can list animals that he or she has for sale.
The animal listed can be linked to their pedigree and EBVs. And also a photo may be posted. Any other information like actual birthweight can be added and also the owners e-mail address and telephone number.
The idea of this page is to let prospective buyers and sellers get a chance at coming together. For listing all animals, please send details and photos (photo not essential) to your web-site co-ordinator, Lee Pippard, Email: setdor_bynro@bigpond.com

Please note this page is purely a service for our members and we are not receiving any commission or indeed recommending any particular animals.


Posted 19 September 2019

On behalf of Torr Down, John & Sue Harvey <jsharvey@torrdown.com.au>

IMG  2268

T.D. Dynamo age 22 months  by Grove Hannibal 3  ,  Dam T.D.  Pride 100 ( can be found on our website under T.D.  Monarch 8


T.D. Maverick 5 age 21 months  by T.D. Maqgnifico , Dam T.D. Helen 17      “ ‘’ ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ under heading  T.D. Marvel 3

IMG 2259

T.D. Mikado 1 age 17 months  Red Wagyu X South Devon

IMG 2252

T.D. Mikado 3 age 17 months  Red Wagyu X South Devon

Posted 16/2/2019